Project Location: Marrickville NSW

Client:Marrick & Co Project

Project Duration: 2019

Scope of Contracting: WorksRestore original pressed metal ceilings where possible or replace like for like if beyond repair.

Project Description:
The Sydney Pressed Metal team worked with the Merrick & Co Project carefully restoring original 120 year old pressed metal ceilings and replacing like for like where ceilings were beyond repair as part of the Marrickville Library and Community Hub development, Patyegarang Place, Marrickville. The original Marrickville Hospital opened in 1899 as The Marrickville Cottage Hospital with additions added later where the new library has been adapted and integrated. The original 120 year old pressed metal ceilings of the Hospital and the Old Nurses Quarters located next door had long been neglected and were rust treated, saved, patched and restored where possible by the skilled team at Sydney Pressed Metal to retain as much of the original pressed metal as possible as some of these patterns were no longer available. Where the panels were too rusted and damaged beyond repair the original pressed metal was replaced with the exact same design (Heysen) from The Australian Pressed Metal Goups catalogue. As Australian Pressed Metal panels are pressed from original dies dating back to the late 1800’s the new panels fitted in seamlessy with the old to restore the ceilings to their former glory.