Project Location: Sydney NSW

Project Duration: 2016

Scope of Contracting Works:

Repair and restore original pressed metal ceilings and architectural features.

Project Description: 

The professional and experienced team of Sydney Pressed Metal were honoured to be a part of the heritage restoration of the stunning pressed metal ceiling of the Jubilee Room in Parliament House Sydney NSW. The Jubilee Room was built in 1905 by the Government Architect, Walter Liberty Vernon to be used as the Parliament Library. The Sydney Pressed Metal team worked on the treatment of rust and decay and repair and restoration of the 14 ornate ceiling bays. Such an important room also featured a special centre rosette in keeping with the grandeur of the era. To maintain the heritage integrity, a mold was cast by the Australian Pressed Metal Group to match the original design of the rosette which was then installed by Sydney Pressed Metal in conjunction with the restoration and repairs of the original pressed metal ceilings.