Project Location: Orange NSW

Client: BUILDER – Inten
Heritage Architect – NBRSARCHITECTURE

Project Timing: 2019

Scope of Contracting Works:

Removal, restoration and reinstallation of original pressed metal ceilings, facade and soffits.

Project Description: 

Sydney Pressed Metal’s team travelled to the regional town of Orange, Central Western NSW to work on the restoration of the Orange City Centre Shopping precinct. Over several months as much of the original pressed metal material as possible was removed by the Sydney Pressed Metal team, cleaned of lead paint, treated and reinstalled throughout Orange City Centre. The restoration included works on the pressed metal facade, external pressed metal soffit and internal pressed metal features. The original pressed metal coffered ceilings, bulkheads and skylights were a design not in production and ALL ORIGINAL material was expertly restored to its original condition. Working with Builder and Heritage Architect the original pressed metal panels were reinstalled in an adapted format to deliver a functional centre to the community of Orange whilst maintaining the original character and heritage fabric of the building. The Australian Pressed Metal Group have the largest range of designs in Australia and designs used on this project included Stafford, Petersburg, Paddington, rails and roses. The original interior pressed metal was fully restored.